Swiss army knife

Patterns for API Design is both a catalog of design patterns (44 in total) and it presents a pattern language aiming at a ubiquitous language for establishing an API design vocabulary. Every pattern is consistently explained with context, pros and cons, conceptual solutions, and concrete examples. 

Acquiring knowledge about these patterns and their respective pros and cons will significantly enhance proficiency in API design and evolution. This knowledge is crucial for adopting a design-first approach. APIs and the services they provide will be simpler to develop, consume, and evolve when applying patterns from this book suited for a particular requirements context.

The book provides a healthy mix of theory and practice: alongside the comprehensive documentation of the patterns it shows pattern application and combination in real-world systems. To keep it brief and to the point (and referring to the Swiss nationality of two of the authors 😉) we would like to quote the following statement from the book:

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